"Sculpture n Art Portfolio"

The Art of Such n Such 2014


This year at Burning Man!
We hope to be located in the 4:30 Esplanade corridor.
This years honorarium project information can be found at

The Art of Such n Such collective will create an amazing interactive performance/fire performance area for the participants of Black Rock City! Please get involved with our honorarium project "The Infinite Infant and The Trail of Toys! Join us for daily parades, nightly fires, workshops, morning calisthenics, side show, infant care tips & paternity testing. Schedules listed daily! If you want to get down & do this with us, come on over volunteer, sign up, get involved, be alive, live!

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The Art of Such n Such is a collaborative experiment. The Vision is to create an art space involving the viewer in a participatory way breaking the boundaries between the art, the artists and the participants whom enter the space. We love working together sharing our ideas and innovations while having fun and instigating education and interaction. We push the art to another level reaching for more of whats out there so come by to see and be part of our collaborative play ground.

Charlie Smith works closely with other Artists of Such n Such to finely tune and tweak the look, feel and character of the collaborative nature of the living art experience. Such n Such is a mobile art organism that can adapt to any situation to present a cutting edge art experience. Please contact us if you have questions about the nature of what we can do!


Art of Such n Such Theme Camp